Ready to retire

Jackson retires from Bray-Doyle after 16 years


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Mrs. Thorma Jackson stands with Kole Gensamer.

B-D Donkey Feed Staff

Most adults can’t wait until the day they get the chance to retire. The days that they don’t have to wake up each morning and go to work is something to look forward to. However, as the saying goes, if you are doing something you love, then  it’s not really work. The saying bears true for Bray-Doyle’s fifth grade reading teacher and reading specialist Mrs. Thorma Jackson.

Jackson has been teaching at Bray-Doyle for the last 16 years and has now decided to retire. When working for 16 years, a person will make many memories with students and teachers both. Bray-Doyle Middle School math teacher Holly Cosper remembers Jackson best for being in charge of the Book Fairs at school.

“Scholastic book fair is an exciting time for kids,” Cosper said. “She plans and works for the book fair months in advance. I have had the honor and fun of helping her with the decorating and setting up of some of these book fairs. It’s never a chore. It’s a well thought out party. A simple room or building becomes alive with whatever the theme of year may be”

Bray-Doyle Middle School English teacher, Mrs. Cindy Rochell echoed Cosper’s sentiments on Jackon’s love for the Book Fair and instilling a love for reading into her students.

“Mrs. Jackson’s love for “Everything Reading” was quite apparent during the Book Fair,” Rochell said. “Throughout her many years of teaching, Mrs. Jackson, worked diligently to instill this same love of reading in her students.”

Rochell also recalls the many great qualities Jackson has shown over the years.

She is Godly, thoughtful, generous, dedicated, hardworking, kind, encouraging, humble, positive, and grateful,” Rochell said. “One example of Mrs. Jackson’s kindness for others could be seen and felt every year at Christmas time. She gave each Bray-Doyle employee an angel ornament. She chose a different one each year. I will miss this, but these thoughtful gifts will bring back all the good memories as they are taken out of the wrapping and displayed each Christmas season.”

To learn more about their profession and to stay sharp teachers need to do many different trainings and professional development hours. For some teachers it is always better for them to have a partner to handle these training sessions together. Mrs Ann Patterson, Bray-Doyle Special Education Teacher, said she has enjoyed the time she has had with Jackson during these training sessions.

“Mrs. Jackson has been my training partner since I started at Bray,” Patterson said. “We have always sat together and went to training together. She has been a loyal friend and I will miss her greatly.”