Having an impact


Rylie Pass

Joe Lumbert flashes his infectious smile during a baseball game his Sophomore year.

B-D Donkey Feed Staff

When someone comes into another person’s life they make an impact on that person. The B-D Donkey Feed’s final senior spotlight, Joe Lumbert, made an impact on every life that he came in contact with. Lumbert was a great son, brother, student and friend and was taken from this life too soon.

One of the things that comes to mind most in any memory of Lumbert is his infectious smile and laugh. Sydney Kovar, a classmate and friend of Lumbert, shared one of her favorite memories with him.

“Joe, Brittany (Raines), and I shared a table in Mr. (Kyle) Holmans’s ACT Prep class,” Kovar said. “We came in and sat down one day and from the very beginning of class to the end, we were crying with tears in our eyes about a joke we just made up on the spot. We all kept adding in parts that would make the others laugh harder. Joe had the loudest, goofiest laugh that would make us all crack up even more.”

Holman remembers Lumbert as being one of the kindest students, but also a student that would love to joke around and be serious when needed.

“Joe liked to run his mouth, not in a mean or hateful way, but the kind hearted ribbing you’d expect from your best friend,” Holman said. “His wit was so sharp, but like the Eddie Haskel type clown that he was he’d have us annoyed into laughing. He’d pop off something goofy and we’d say ‘Shut up Joe…’and he’d blush and grin, and say ‘…Love you Mr.Holman.’

b  One afternoon in class Joe had beaten one of his classmates in chess, he was talking smack about how I was next… “you’re going down next Mr. Holman…” I can hear it now. It was a Friday and he was promising me a beating on Monday. I opened my mouth and said ‘Joe…’ he completed the sentence with ‘ I know. Shut up…’ with a goofy grin, at the last second I changed my statement and said ‘I was going to say; I love you Joe…’. Joe said ‘I love you too Mr. Holman…”

Along with being a great student and friend, Lumbert was also a great athlete. Lumbert was a member of the Bray-Doyle football, basketball, baseball, track and archery teams. Marshall Loveday said he loved playing sports with Joe.

“I remember going to the Simmons Center and playing basketball with Joe all the time,” Loveday said. “One time we went and played 2 on 2 against other people and went on a 29 game winning streak.”

Joshua Poston, another friend and classmate of Lumberts, echoed Loveday with memories of his athleticism.

“I remember when Joe and other friends would come over and we would all play football together,” Poston said. “Joe would always have to be the quarterback, because he was so good at it.”

Being a great student and athlete is one thing, but being a great person is a completely other thing and Lumber t was that by being caring, a good listener and someone who was always there for others. Kaily Early remembers how Lumbert was there through some rough times for her and others.

“I was having a really bad day one day,” Early said. “As soon as Joe came out of basketball practice, he came up to me and asked what was wrong. It really shows what kind of a genuine and kind person Joe was.”

Joe Lumbert may not physically be with us today, but his memory lives on and everyone who knew him is a better person because he made an impact on their lives.