A whole new look

B-D gymnasium and multipurpose get updates


Matt Tillson

The Bray-Doyle Gymnasium and multipurpose building is going under construction this week.

When schools get out for the summer, the work is not done for the administration, maintenance and summer help workers. The Bray-Doyle staff will be busy with many different big projects this summer. One project that has gotten underway is the updating of the gymnasium and multipurpose building with new updates inside and a fresh paint job on the outside.

Rylie Pass grinds off loose paint from the front of the Bray-Doyle gym. (Photo Provided)

The Bray-Doyle community passed a four year bond to provide a brand new gymnasium floor, air conditioning, and new heating units to both the gym and the multipurpose building, put new ventilation in the locker rooms and replace worn out roof top units on the middle school building. Along with installing the new heat and air the ceiling in the gym will be removed along with new lighting being installed.

Bray-Doyle basketball head coach Justin Miller said he is looking forward to the new updates to both buildings.

“I’m excited that they are both getting a facelift,” Miller said. “It’s not very often you still see gyms that were built back in the early 50’s still standing. While we have an older gym with so much history, we can now also have the modern comforts of central heat and air, new lighting and a new floor.”

Before the new installations of the floors, both the Donkeys and Lady Donkeys had to share the gym during their athletic hour.

“Now with the multipurpose gym getting a new floor it’s going to benefit all of our kids,” Miller said. “Before, the multipurpose floor was so slick, and that was dangerous. Now we will have two good floors to practice on, and have central heat and air to keep our kids safe during times of extreme heat and cold.

The other change Miller is looking forward to is taking out the ceiling tiles in the gym.

“Removing the ceiling tiles gives an additional foot or so in height, and also opens the dome ceiling like in the old days,” Miller said. “In other words, it makes it louder, and there is nothing better than a loud gym for our kids and fans to be able to cheer on our teams.”