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Edwards named this week’s female senior spotlight.


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J’Cee Edwards was named this week’s B-D Donkey Feed female senior spotlight.

When talking about some of the greatest basketball teams of all time there is always the one player that is glorified as the big enforcer. The 1995-98 Chicago Bulls dynasty had Dennis Rodman, the Golden State Warriors have Draymond Green and the Bray-Doyle Lady Donkeys have this week’s B-D Donkey Feed female senior spotlight J’Cee Edwards. Edwards may seem like a small sweet young lady off the court, but on the court Edwards has led the Lady Donkeys in fouls averaging 99.5 since her Freshman season with a grand total of 398. Not only has Edwards been active in basketball, she was also active in yearbook, FCA, Student Council, FCCLA, and was one of the four class Valedictorians. Edwards sat down to answer our questions.

B-D: When I was young, I imagined myself as…

Edwards: When I was young I imagined myself as a vet, nurse, and singer like Reba McEntire or Gretchen Wilson.

B-D: What is an accomplishment you’re proud of?

Edwards: I am proud of all my Academic accomplishments and sports accomplishments. 

B-D: What extra-curricular activity do you enjoy the most and why?

Edwards: I enjoyed student council and fccla for all the activities and fun we get to have.

B-D: What are your plans after high school?

Edwards: I plan to attend college and obtain my Bachelors in Science to become a Registered Nurse and work in Labor & Delivery.

B-D: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Edwards: I see myself in 10 years married with a family and successful.

B-D: What is your favorite junior high memory?

Edwards: My favorite junior high memory is having all of my best friends in the same class with me in Mr. Faulkner’s and him joining in on our fun.

B-D: What is a favorite high school memory?

Edwards: My favorite high school memory is pranking Mr. Vines by spraying fart spray in his office and him never finding out who did it.

B-D: What will you miss the most after you graduate from Bray-Doyle?

Edwards: I’ll miss my teammates and teachers but mostly the underclassmen who I’ve built bonds with.

B-D: What class have you enjoyed the most and why?

Edwards: I have enjoyed Coach Robnett’s class the most, she is so much fun and is always there when I need her.

B-D: Who is your favorite teacher/faculty member and why?

Edwards: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Robnett because she is such a blast and can always make me laugh.

B-D: What three words best describe you?

Edwards: I would say three words that best describe me are determined, loyal, and easygoing.

B-D: How would you like to be remembered as you leave Bray-Doyle?

Edwards: I would like to be remembered as a good person that anyone can come to for help.

B-D: What are some words of wisdom you would give to the under-classmen?

Edwards: Always make school work your first priority but have fun too.