The show must go on

Gunther Helton named this week’s male senior spotlight

B-D Donkey Feed Staff

Gunther Helton is this week’s B-D Donkey Feed male senior spotlight. Helton has been active in Track and Field, and Cross Country. He has also been active in the Arts at Bray-Doyle with Band, and Speech and Drama. Helton took a break from clowning around and answered a few of our questions.

B-D: When I was young, I imagined myself as…

Helton: When I was young, I imagined myself as… an entertainer actor, writer, director, pro wrestling, etc.

B-D: What is an accomplishment you’re proud of?

Helton: Earning my awards in FCA and acting are some of the things I’m most proud of.

B-D: What extra-curricular activity do you enjoy the most and why?

Helton: Track and Drama. Track is a amazing experience were athletes have callenged themselves and each other in racing for more than a thousand years.
Drama is truly a activity I feel in love with the minute I stepped in the classroom and the stage. If I have become an actor I’ll at least have that memory.

B-D: What are your plans after high school?

Helton: Start my own businesses and become the Donald Trump of Southwest Oklahoma.

B-D: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Helton: On the cover of a up incoming show/film.

B-D: What is your favorite junior high memory?

Helton: When Eli fell through a wall.

B-D: What is a favorite high school memory?

Helton: The first time I went to state in Track my Freshman year.

B-D: What will you miss the most after you graduate from Bray-Doyle?

Helton: The old faces and my loving friends.

B-D: What class have you enjoyed the most and why?

Helton: I’ve enjoyed my History classes, because I love history.

B-D: Who is your favorite teacher/faculty member and why?

Helton: Coach Whaley because  he was the first teacher to really challenge me in history class. He taught me to be a good athletes, a good student, and a good man. I had a lot of good moments with him as a teacher and a coach.

B-D: What three words best describe you?

Helton: The three words to describe me are motivated, confident, and courageous.

B-D: How would you like to be remembered as you leave Bray-Doyle?

Helton: Hopefully by the three words that best describe me.

B-D: What are some words of wisdom you would give to the under-classmen?

Helton: Never give up on what you believe in. Never let them tell you want you are. Instead you show them.