Ranieri answers the challenge


Ally Pineira

Isabelle Ranieri

Jade Eldridge , Staff Writer

Coming into a new school can be hard for anyone, but coming in the middle of the school year can be more difficult. New Bray-Doyle English teacher Isabelle Ranieri is up for the challenge. A recent Oklahoma State graduate, Ranieri is looking forward to her new position.
“I’m super excited to be at Bray,” Ranieri said. “Everyone has been really nice.”
Growing up in Philadelphia, PA Ranieri gained a passion for reading and writing at an early age, and wants to instill some of that love into her students.
“I’ve always had a passion for literature, and love to read and write,” Ranieri said. “It’s really cool that I get to spread that with kids.”
Ranieri found her inspiration to become a teacher while she was in high school.
“My high school English teacher Mr. Werts inspired me my junior year,” Ranieri said. “We did a lot of fun projects, and had deep class discussions. He made us work hard, but I learned a lot through him.”
Being from Philadelphia and Dallas TX moving to small town Oklahoma could be a challenge for the new teacher, but it’s a challenge she’s ready for.
“It seemed like a good opportunity,” Ranieri said. “I’m a city person so being in the country is a big change for me, but it seemed like a new adventure I was ready for.”